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December 29th, 2003

"spunk my monkey!" - guy @ 10:04 am

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long story short...
after x-mas hung out with ryan...had a lot of fun, next day hung out with ryan kolodge again, he took me out to some bar in yorba linda and we played pool and drank it up, had a bit of fun, that same night on my way home johnny called and asked me to come chill, so i did..i passed out and it was cool, next morning woke up and hung out with johnny and his cousin dave, all went out to eat, super good (wings n' things --> hell yeah!) after that went home and got ready to go to the boogie with jeff, amanda, blake, daniel, and dillon...went it was very fun. danced with dillon the whole night, next day dillon called and i drove to temecula to hang out with him...we had fun. today, dillon just called...oh yeah, he's got a major crush...we're hanging out again today. not that i'm not interested, bc i have been since my freshman year in high school. anyway, everything has been getting better since x-mas, i have my truck back and everything is in the right place. just getting ready for vegas in jan. i need to get a tan soon. i am just too lazy to do so...welp, gotta go take a shower!!
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Date:July 23rd, 2009 11:48 pm (UTC)

its ryan

whats up!! email me ryan@browniesrepro.com