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February 29th, 2004

"wonder boy..." - klaus @ 09:48 pm

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  well, well, well....it's been awhile. things have been going good. i actually just had the time of my life at the SCORE race in san felipe, mexico. i was there for just short of a week and i don't know if i can really give all of the details, but whatever, i'll try to remember. here is a recap:

  •      leaving cold, rainy huntington beach and finding nice summer like weather in san felipe.
  •      wensday: arrive in mex with klaus and sit at rockodile chugging down some nice cold tecate on the beautiful beach.
  •     great condo, perfect location. right above the vehicle registration area. flawless veiw.
  •     thursday: wake up early, go down to the main street hang around all day getting to know the area, passed out on the curb with a "tortuga" ("turtle"- 32oz tecate) me and klaus looked like the local bums. perfect weather. we met a bunch of crazy mexicans, and had some good laughs. the house flooded. yuck! mexican water!!
  •     thursday NIGHT: umm....yeah i guess it was that much fun. haha. hung out with some of the pflueger crew. got plastered at some clubs, ended up with a ton of people and too many beers at the rockodile. fish and klaus were my body gaurds for the night (actually, the whole trip)...danced with wes and became the center of attention for way too many ombres, so me, klaus, and fish left out of fear, went home and passed out after spending the night chasing the four inches of water from the bedrooms, bathroom, and dining room out of the house. it was worse than you could ever imagine.
  •     friday: woke up super early with a minor hangover, sat around at vehicle registration. went with john, klaus, and fish to the main street for contencency, ate breakfast, walked around, re-met people from the night before (no recollection, i didn't remember anyone), chugged down too many tortugas for my own good. put RDC stickers on everyone's trucks, buggies, golf carts, and t-shirts. listened to klaus make a million "oohh....hinas..!" comments. ate a million shrimps and chicklets (those things are addicting), went back to the house later and took a shower.
  •     friday NIGHT: didn't do too much...went out with travis, matt, klaus, fish, john, jeff, jeff's fiance, and a few more people to "B" (back-up) street drank more margaritas than i could count. ended up going to some clubs and and ended back at the rockodile (that place is always going off), hung around, drank some more margaritas and met the "infamous" spencer jr., better known as "slurF". who?? haha...nvm. sat and talked with him, klaus, and matt. as we left something very misfourtunate happened...maybe there was just too much testosterone/alcohol in the same room, but i'd rather not say anything for the sake of two people. we all went home and passed out.
  •      saturday: woke up SUPER DUPER early (with a hangover) to klaus yelling "get up!! we're going to be late!!!!" but we were a few hours too early. we packed up the truck and drove out to zoo road. it was really a zoo. i got harassed by about two hundred mexicans, i ditched klaus because his filming area was a bit too dangerous for me. i ended up with the pflueger chase truck #3. we chased....we went to another road, waitied there for about an hour, the truck passed through. then made our way to the next spot near the airport, and sat there for a few hours 'till the truck passed again. fun times. sam has some great analogies on everything. non-stop laughs. ended up back with the whole pflueger crew behind the condo. celebrated with them on finishing the race. drank a little more than i could handle, took a nice shower and headed out to rice and beans, where alan treated everyone to countless amounts of shrimp and beer. i drank way too much, tried to have a drinking contest with fish and ended up in over my head (margaritas and corona don't mix well). it resulted in me barfing in front of everyone about thirty minutes later on the resturant floor. rhiannon was so sweet to take care of me. klaus and fish took me home where i passed out. later on alan pflueger payed a visit to me, he ended up staying longer than i expected. i ended up passing out again and waking up later to klaus every three minutes snoring out of control.
  •       this morning: got up early with the biggest hangover ever and packed out shit to go home. me, klaus, and fish. we shared some fun conversations. klaus made fish barf out the window while he drove like a pshyco. they named me robby gordon because i had DNF'd the night before...i went big the first twenty miles, didn't come close to finishing the race, and went home. haha...fun times. i can't wait for the next race!


   there are so much more great memories, but i am too exhausted to explain. all i can say is it's been great to be able to get home and eat some normal food and take a shower in my own shower. other than that..i have a new job designing clothing lables for a skate/surf/snow comapny called renegade style. how i landed that one? long story...i think i've had like four or five different jobs since i started this journal, haha....it's all about the experience though. anyway, i am tired i'll talk more later....zzzzzzzzz.....

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Date:March 1st, 2004 01:30 am (UTC)

You need to prerun more of those T-K-T's to run with the big guns next time...

i am glad you had fun, this one will go down as one of the best races ever--ahhh this month at least. AP is still on my $h1tlist though. Sweet and i am rolling back to Ensenada in like 4 horas for just a tad more offroad racing action filming.