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December 24th, 2003

everything i've wanted @ 05:13 pm

Current Mood: rushed rushed
Current Music: everyone at the table...

i'm back at my mom's house. she made dinner for everyone...crab, shrimp, wild rice, and a bunch of other great food. on my way here i stopped to shop for my dad's side of the family...i spent over $400. i feel like if i spend that much...over-time it will come back to me in different ways. but hey, why not just give? anyway...i saw kenny gulley...he ran to me as if we were long lost family members. we talked about whatever and he told me about rocky...oh rocky...the one i've loved so much more than anyone or anything ever. he told me rocky was still planning on getting married his (kenny's) sister, and he was oh so whooped on her. i've needed to move on, but it's hard. anyway...me and kenny are hopefully going snowboarding this coming up weekend. he and his girlfriend are broken up. good deal. anyway, i am going to play with my puppy...

December 23rd, 2003

caught in a world plagued by something they call love. @ 06:33 pm

Current Mood: amused amused
Current Music: some street racing video klaus bought...

today i was pretty productive, i got a new mail-box, checked out a townhouse for rent, went x-mas shopping, and went to the doctors. tonight me and blake are going out to do something. i think he wants to go shopping for x-mas or something. today klaus told me that jeremy was all mad bc i made a huge mess of the apt...so i cleaned...klaus did the dishes. what a good guy. anyway...i have too many instant messages to be writing in this deal.

December 22nd, 2003

there was a time when our dreams felt so real, just out of reach, but not too far to feel... @ 06:13 pm

Current Mood: silly silly
Current Music: microwave

almost time to go back home to hb. once i get my phone charged i am going to call blake. i'm going to force him to go surfing with me tomorrow morning. if he wants to move out with me that bad we'll have to become better friends anyway...so why not spend some quality time together out in the water? twitch just im'd me...he's like, "i soo saw you today!"...i guess he saw me in the red lancer with jeremy in the movie, "bottomed out" that's pretty cool i guess. klaus and i are coming up with some thing for his next dezert people movie. it's going to be pretty funny. anyway...i need to start packing my shit to go home. i'll write more some other time...

December 21st, 2003

let's smoke some cigarettes and catch up on the back porch, fire up another roach... @ 04:16 pm

Current Mood: apathetic apathetic
Current Music: unwritten law...ahh....desert memories...

...the more we try to change, the more we stay the same...

i finally got my mom's cd player installed into her car for christmas, i also got her the new no doubt cd she wanted...so i was going to give her the cd case without the cd in it for christmas, and tell her i left it in her car. good idea i guess. anyway...sarah is out from minnesota, so we're going to hang out...

shake it like a salt shaker @ 10:49 am

Current Mood: relaxed relaxed
Current Music: some video game deal...repeating over and over...

i'm in temecula, just woke up. last night i drove out here...i picked up my sister, went to eddie's, i saw david, nate, blake, brian, and corey again...it was nice. then we went to the gas station and bought tons of icecream, hahah. after that we went to j.r.'s house down the street and he was having a little party, it was fun, i saw kurtis, pete, jeff, raymond, clayton, keith, john, adam, and a ton of other great old friends...i also met some new people. i met some guy named willis, i guess he lives with j.r., but we were talking and he was being a prick in certain ways, but then he looks at me and says, "i think you should have my number..." umm..ok? what do you say to that one?? i mean, he was cute and all, but the asshole thing wasn't doing it for me. other than that i had a fun night, me and pete walked around outside looking for a white truck where jeff was sleeping...and we spotted him standing up peeing in the back of an f-150. he had no idea he was in the bed of a truck, he thought he was on the ground. dork....i let him pass out in my rental car, i tried to take him home, but he insisted he wanted to sleep on my couch. this morning when he woke up he had no idea where he was...fun times. anyway...today i am going to do some christmas shopping...

December 20th, 2003

i heard something about brittney spears from her make-up artist today.... @ 09:06 pm

Current Mood: impressed impressed
Current Music: that one song...

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December 18th, 2003

i don't deserve what i get, i have nothing in return... @ 09:53 am

Current Mood: annoyed annoyed
Current Music: wierd random tunes running through my head...

i'm awake..i swear.
i had so many phone calls this morning regaurding my truck, eck. i hate that thing. i just want it to drop off the side of the earth. enterprize is coming to get me in a minute here, they are getting me a car to use. it's all paid for. yeah, it better be!! i don't like toyota anymore. anyway...i have to get going, i have work today at 12:30, with sal...heheh. but i need to get off my ass and take care of all this shit before it's too late...so, see ya!

December 17th, 2003

the ends don't always justify the means, but i know what it takes to get what i need... @ 08:51 pm

Current Mood: irritated irritated
Current Music: old songs....trying to be happy...come on, i can do it.

another shitty day goes by...well, it's not quite over yet, who knows what else can happen?? i just got home...my boss dropped me off. as we all know, i picked up my toyota this morning and yea...whatever else. i drove to LA, got money from jacob, and talked to james about the avn convention. robby didn't get back from his shoot in time...so he didn't get the pictures he wanted of me. his loss. i'm still booked with him on the 26th anyway. ok...then i go to santa monica....take care of some x-mas shopping. got some guy's number from von dutch, and just yeah..whatever. so i am on my way to the 405 from santa monica blvd...my truck shuts off. yup, right in the middle of the street...long story short..got it towed, i am pissed, tim gave me a ride home, i am pissed, and now i am here...and still pissed...end of story.

December 16th, 2003

amanda -"you got worked!!" @ 10:39 am

Current Mood: awake awake
Current Music: im's....oh man, up the ass...damn ftj..

last night was great! altough i feel bad bc i blew harvey off. russ is finally home from hawaii. he called me last night, and asked me to cruise, but considering i don't have either of my trucks i told him i couldn't. so as bad ass as he is, he came and got me. we sat and watched monday night football, and then passed out on his bed until amanda came and got me. i promised tom i would hang out with him today...so i am up earlier than i expected, considering i was on the phone with one of my friends 'till 2am. anyway...i am trying to figure something out on this journal deal...it's been irritating me for awhile now..

December 14th, 2003

you can't change the way you feel, but you can't tell me this aint real 'cus this is real... @ 04:38 pm

Current Mood: hungry hungry
Current Music: keyboard

what a long day. i woke up this morning early, i waited for eddie to get here we planned out a little surf sesh for this morning, but once i go to start my BRAND NEW truck it doesn't start. oh man...what else can go wrong?? so i waited for the tow truck to come and it started to pour down rain. i got it towed to toyota of huntington beach down the street, hopefully they find out what was wrong with it by tomorrow bc i'd like to go pick up my $500 from jacob and go see sal tomorrow, but who knows. other than that i cleaned up my room and the bathroom. it was a big job, considering i had to make five trips back and fourth to my truck to get everything out of it. i feel a lot better now. eddie stopped by and gave me my board back, he had it with him in his car. scott called me and made me smile. he's too damn cute. amanda stopped by last night to ask me to go with her and lauren to a party on some boat, i told her no bc i was too tired, so i fell asleep with my phone on like a dumb-ass...it rang and rang all night 'till finally it died. i am still really tired, my back is killing me. i am going to take a shower and wait for klaus to get home so we can go out to eat or something...i am starving!!